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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 22, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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>> three, two, one, beckbeck! glenn: president obama and marxism. why the two connected, and why they are more than people thought. and all of the president's czars, and why is the media whiz representing -- what is the media misrepresenting the people going to town hall meetings? come on. follow me. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: congratulations, america. honestly, this is the reason why i asked you to carry one of these around with all of the time. i talked to my radio audience about it. keep a diary with you, because
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you are living in historic times. you need to remember this moment. you need to remember what is happening right now. these times are going to be written about in the history books in the months and years ahead. your kids and grandkids will ask you, "where are you?" "where were you when freedom was on the ropes in the united states of america?" tonight, all of the president's czars, are they 32, 34? i do not even know how many of them are working on your dime for the president of the united states. the other question mç how much power do these czars have? another thing, i think they have more influence on the president than the vice president, but that might be a good thing. leaders on capitol hill i think will find themselves out of powers to agree not the people is doing. i think the administration's
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doing -- not the people's doing we are going to cover one of the most complex organizations ever created in the apollo alliance. have you ever heard of it? when we are done, tonight, and then next week, you have to ask yourself, why has not anyone covered this? and then, we will show you what your government is doing to change the way you act and behave. tonight, we will begin with the marxist roots of president barack obama. hello, america. at the end of the six months, we have all read this, president obama looked at all that he created and said, "it is very good." and so, he declared the seventh month amounts of rest. yes, the messiah is going on vacation. barack obama is going on vacation. he must be tired. he spent the last six months to
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reforming our country, and most people will not recognize it. he told us he would do it, and he is. no one is paying any attention to it. if you give me the next minutes, and please, please, parcher politics aside. open up your ears and eyes and watch with a fresh perspective -- put your politics aside. if i am wrong, you are more than welcome to show me where i am missing it. i would love to be wrong on this. barack obama has revealed his game plan to transform america it in his deeds. the transformation was marketed to america as "change," and, boy, was america it eager for change. >> i will not have to worry about putting gas in my car, or worry about paying my mortgage. glenn: now, i rememberç when tt came on, and i thought to; @
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boy, that woman is stupid. is she? or are we? how is that woman feeling now she continues to write your own checks to pay her own mortgage and fill up her own gas tank? i wonder if she is disappointed they are understanding that he had a different definition of change. the latest poll numbers show the number of americans who strongly disapprove of his performance is 8 points higher hit than those who strongly approved. too many americans believed that he was a moderate during the campaign, and now, all of a sudden, "i do not know what happened. he is governing from the left." hello? barack obama cannot be blamed for this. he could not be clear about who he was and what he planned to do. -- he could not be clearer.
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he said those things would help shape his agenda. >> before i even get a inaugurated, during the transition, we will be calling all of you in to help us shape the agenda. we will be having meetings all across the country, with community organizations so that you have input into the agenda for the next presidency of the united states of america. glenn: oh, he is just saying that. he is a politician, it is what i think we are saying, i guess. just as strong and well funded as the u.s. military. >> we cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we set. we have got to grab a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded. glenn: ok, then,. that was not the only time we
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talked about it. this has now become the new "it" gig. if you work forç them, you're a student loanç is going to be pd for by, you know, the little people, but only if the load is federalized. hmm. really? if that sounds a little imperial to you, at least your kids will still have a choice. or will they? >> it comes with responsibilities. everybody somewhere between the ages of 18 and 25 will serve three months of basic training in understanding about a civil defense. the universal sense of service, somewhere between the ages of 18 and 25, will give americans a sense of what it is to be american and their contribution to a country and a common experience. when you look at world war ii, that is a draft. this is not a draft. this is universal. it is not an accident that we started our big march towards civil rights in expanding post-
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world war two, because the country came through an experience together. glenn: ok, that is key. that is key. the country went through something together, and in civil rights, and everything changed. give me the bottom of the hour, and wait until you see what we have coming up tonight. it is not compulsive torry. it is just required. it is not socialism. it is social justice. does the book "1984" come to mind to anybody? let's look of the obama policies. they have not been exactly timid either. but he told us what he really thought. he warned us. >> i just want to make sure that they have got a chance for success, too. i think when we spread the wealth around, it is good for everybody. glenn: remember? "he is not a marxist.
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that is crazy talk a." that is a rule of thumb, sort of a social justice safety tip. it is not like he learned that early on from his mentor, frank davis, an avowed communist. you know? the kind of people he is now pointing as czars. "marxist." çnot call that by me,ç but bye people we spoke about in his book "dreams of my father." >> the students, the for instance, the chicanos, the marxist professors and structure of feminists and punk rock performance pullets." glenn: how about we hold into something he said in an illinois public radio station in 2001 when he was a state legislator in illinois? >> the supreme court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and
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sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society, and come to that extent, as radical as i think people tried to characterize the warren court, it was not that radical. it did not break free from the central constraints that were placed by the founding fathers and the constitution, at least as it has been interpreted, and the warren court interpreted it in the same way, and that the constitution is a charter of negative liberties. it says what the states cannot do to you, says what the federal government cannot do to you, but it does not say what the federal government must do on your behalf." glenn: 0, my gosh. geez. the tragedies of the civil- rights movement was because the civil rights movement became too court focus. listen to this. "negative liberties." we talked about negative
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liberties and a new bill of rights. fdr was the one who brought it up. oh, m&a. another one of his czsars was talking about it, too -- oh, wait. what a powerful endorsement of the most perfect political document in the history of the world from our new president. unfortunately, it also did not bring about that change that he was talking about, and when i say the " change," it was the type of gted. -- redistricting of to the poor. >> electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. regardless of what i say about whether coal is good or bad, because i am capping greenhouse
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gases. coal-fired plants, you name it, what the industry was, -- whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit. that will cost money. they will pass that on to consumers. glenn: luckily, the high prices will break us from our evil capitalistic ways. we cannot eat as much as we want, or keep our homes on, you know, at 72 degrees at all times whether we are living in a dozen or living in the tundra, and all the other countries are just going to say, "ok." if i could get my thermostat set to 40, i would, and i do not care if it hurts the feelings of some frenchie frenchman, and if that includes 18 hours of free itos or doritos, that is my
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right, or is it? >> barack obama will acquire yahoo! -- will acquire -- required to go to work. glenn: he will force you to be engaged. we were promised this over and over again. the fundamental transformation was coming, named "change." >> we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the united states of america. glenn: we had been screaming for a man who would tell us the truth, and then when somebody tells us exactly what he believes in plain english, we refuse to believe him. nobody took this man at his word. the question is, when willç you do you need before you wake up and go, "wait a minute, wait a minute. what is he doing?" michelle malkin writes about it in her new book. michelle, welcome to the program.
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>> glad to be back. glenn: it is amazing to me how it is relatively easy to unravel. once you know what is going on, oh, my gosh, the threat just starts to unravel. you were to two chapters on acorn in your book. >> endy seiu. glenn-- and tehhe seiu. you did a fabulous job of laying out on a theoretical level what the agenda was in terms of transportation, but in order to implement that transformation, you need a civilian court, and you need a brigade of foot soldiers -- you need a civilian corps, who are at the beck and call of team obama, whether it is shaking down banks, forming a
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housing entitlement mob, fostering voter fraud, and census shenanigans. you need the bodies. glenn: and the seiu, the seiu, here is a union, and most people do not even know what that union does, and they are the ones leading the way on health care. >>ç thatç is absolutely right. what you have got is a union that has remade itself in the 21st century to record the next generation of democrats and a hard left foot soldiers, and, of course, these two, as you have documented, and i have documented in my book and in my blog, these two organizations, the seiu and acorn, they are inextricably linked, and because there is taxpayer dues money involved, it behooves the watchdogs in congress to take a
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look at what exactly is going on. glenn: you know, michelle, i said on my radio show yesterday, you know, you just used to "watchdogs in congress." they are not watchdogs anymore. they really are not. it falls to the people. it always has been falling to the people, but i asked, i said, between the radio audience and the tv audience, i have got about 10 million guard dogs. we need people to understand the constitution and understand this theory of remaking america, to stand guard and guard and barred and growl and do whatever you have to do, because these people are hijacking our country -- to guard and growl. >> by doing our jobs, we are modeling what should be done. sunlight is the best disinfectant. you cannot hold, for example,
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the shadow government accountable. well, steve ratner is no longer the automotive tsar, and if you can get rid of one,ç you can gt rid of 44, but it takes understanding the chicago way, understanding relationships, and it takes understanding that there are whistleblowers at these organizations, at seiu. these were not conservatives until they have buyer's remorse and did wake up. it does mean taking them at their word, taking the information that they have. they are circumventing the mainstream media. glenn: i have met some of the acorn whistle blowers. i think they -- they know they are taking on a powerful organization, and they are just willing to do it because it is right, and it goes against their agenda, which people would proceed is their agenda. it goes against their party, etc., etc.
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what do you think when you look at these organizations? do you think it makes any difference if you take down acorn? it is so vast, these organizations, and it is a shell game. they just take it from here and move it over there. you really have to go to the heart of it, do you not? >> it does matter if you take it down, and you need congressional oversight to crack open the books. i dedicated the book to one of the whistle-blowers, and one of them is now being sued by acorn. this is somebody who was an individual, not somebody part of a group that is trying to re- from acorn -- re-form a corn in its own image. -- acorn it its own image. it is a criminal enterpriseç. you are seeing,ç at least on te republican side, more people seeing that. there was a report coming out, and only scratches the surface.
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-- and if only scratches the surface. they are joined at the hip with democrat organizations to ensure a power grab in perpetuity. glenn: ok, michelle, thank you. social justice. green jobs. hand in hand. what is the problem? a big problem. i will show it to you, next. next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." and if you qualify get it for little or no money. jim plunkitt: "no cost. absolutely no cost to me." breaking news...when you call today, we'll include a free hoveround collapsible grabber with
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glenn: all right, what we are coveuncovering here on the program is complex, and it takes most of the day just figured out to explain it to you. beinfest left wing conspiracy. -- the vast left-wing conspiracy.
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the apollo. maybe it is the guy behind the curtain making it all happen. he is m&a itself professed communists. here is the director for policy for americans for prosperity. how are you, sir? -- he is himself a professed communists. i have acorn and greenpeace, the sierra club. why are these three categories it? how are the it tied to apollo? >> well, the apollo alliance is designed to bring together organized labor withç the green groups, the environmental groups,ç and to access all the big foundation money that has supported both causes in the past. van jones, the many dimensions, the new green jobs czar, this ties all of these things together.
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>> and apollo is named "apollo." the you know what? >> they think we need and mobilization to reorder society and take control various other objectives. they like the moon shot. glenn: there was something on their website, "masset and fast." they wanted something like the moon shot that could be launched -- massive and fast. van jones, he is a self professed communist, and he is one of the founding members of apollo? >> yes. glenn: and then we have wade rafkey.
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>> he was on the board of the tide center , and they are the lead group. glenn: they decide they are going to find and create a apollo. one of the founders is one of vhç guys you went to jail -- this is during the rodney king thing -- and he came anti- communist, and he started looking into the green movement, and he was the one you said, hey, if we tie labor and green peace and acorn together, we have got a super powerful group -- he was the one who said that. >> they put out a draft stimulus bill in 2008 that included almost everything that ended up being in the final stimulus bill. harry reid has think it them for helping to drafted, and they brag on their website that they helped design this thing and push it through.
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glenn: ok. seiu. this is the labor group. they are the ones pushing through health care. this is acorn/seiu. there vice president is on the board of directors of apollo, correct? >> yes, a vice-president of the seiu is on the board of directors. glenn: ok, can you tell me where john podesta fits in on this? >> he is also on the apollo board and also with the center for american progress, which sends out the talking points for the blogs and the on-line activists. the acorn and the seiu, they get their talking points from that center for american progress email. glenn: ok, i just want to ask you. barack obama is keeps trying to separate himself from all of these organizations. he keeps giving speeches saying, "i am oneç of you guys.
2:26 am
çi really am." but then he will distance himself over and over again from the individuals, but lsd ask you this. john podesta, van jones, now is at green czar, and about communist, and we get the seiu in his office once a week, and they are the ones negotiating with all of the health care leader -- but let me ask you this. wade, the former founder of acorn. who is really at the top of all of this? who is the one who is trying to stay away from all of it? and saying, "i have nothing to do with this"? obama. see if these sound familiar. the way we are going to transform america. social justice. the green movement. and labor unions. maybe it is just me, phil. can you talk me out of the crazy
2:27 am
tree here? this is exactly what barack obama's stands for, and these are his soldiers. -- what barack obama stands for. >> of course, we also have the science czar, who is also tied up with all of these boats. there is another man on the board for the national energy commission, which is also tied in with these folks. i think if you look at barack obama's past, he was an organizer for acorn,ç one of their chiefç traders, and it is pretty clear that he is part and parcel of these radical movements, and he really cannot separate himself from these. glenn: i do not have you appoint a self-proclaimed communist on there and not say that you are not part of it. this man is a radical. please, talked me out of the crazy tree, america. thank you.
2:28 am
-- talk me out of it. how the weasels and washington have put us on the brink of absolute disaster, but i tell you something. i am going to write a second book, because i am going to learn from these people, and we are going to take it apart. as long as we can. america, you need to learn this system. you need to learn about community organizers. you have to learn what we are being transformed into so we can work together and bring our country back to where it is supposed to be, the way our founders intended it. back in a second.
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>> this is america's news headquarters. i am lauren sivan. a beverly tells pharmacy was raided, all part of an investigation into michael jackson's death. they areç looking into evidence thatç controlled substances wee improperly distributed. now, this comes one week after they raided a nevada pharmacy. dr. conrad murray bought the anesthetic propofol. the inspector general said to release details about the harsh interrogation techniques, including mock executions used on suspected terrorists. it will be out on monday, but there is a preview online. it said the agency staged
2:33 am
multiple jon interrogations to scare terrorists into giving up information -- the agency staged a multiple mock executions to scare terrorists. glenn: something we're going to be doing in the coming days and weeks. this coming monday, i am going to be unveiling many things that, well, a lot of people would not like you to see. by the end of the week, i am going to tell you exactly what you can do about it. it will involve a pledge and members of congress. it is just a few simple questions surrounding taxes, spending, energy. straight forward, extraordinarily clear. i want you to be here all next week, and then we will ask the members of congress to post their answers, and we will post them at tune in monday.
2:34 am
monday, it begins. you are going to be excited to know the government is gearing up to conduct one of the biggest scientific experiments ever, and you get to be a part of it. it is ithto establish social and behavioral science research programs. it would seek toç identify and understandç social and behaviol factors that influence energy consumption to promote the utilization of the results of social and behavioral research to improve the design, development, and demonstration and application of energy technologies, policies, and programs. well, this is fantastic. remember the book "1984"? exactly. this is completely different. "social and behavioral research." oh, man. i doubt it would not be any of the crazy beliefs.
2:35 am
this one is quite totally just like you. they are going to study you and to cross into driving crack the hybrids, and i bet that is just the beginning. -- into driving crazy hybrids. president obama is still relying on behavioral science, but now, his administration is using it to try to transform the country. they did not say this was a bad thing, either. because when you know what makes people tick, it's a lot easier to help them change. well, that does not sound creepy at all, and interestingly enough, it does not sound very american eagle. but what is that now that we're in a global community? when has that ever stop to barack obama before? hey, it is for the betterment of the collective? you know what i am saying? joining us is a data rohrbach her -- dana from california.
2:36 am
what in crazy down, ak washington, is going on? >> well, this is something that is beneath the surface. where would you get somebody as honest and as sincere as he is, this man, explain the real purpose behindç his bill,ç whh is behavior modification? so he wants to set up a behavior modification czar at the department of energy. we republicans believe that government is supposed to be controlled by the people, and, obviously, the frame of mind that comes from this bill is that the government should control the people. glenn: well, i'm thinking, gosh, congressman. some people might think this sounds like, i do not know, propaganda. >> that is what the intent, and i think that word was used in the debate. they believe that people are just not doing the right things
2:37 am
because they are not making the choice is that these liberal leftists want them to make, and, thus, there must be something wrong with them. let's psychoanalyze them. this is as arrogant as it comes, and brian is a very nice guy. he is well intended. people will put us on the road with all good intentions -- it will put us on the road to you know where. glenn: i am going to say it. hello. or moscow. one of the two. -- hell it was said, quote, "we are not only going to unleash psychologists on you. this is a vicious, freedom grabbing mind control at its most pernicious, and i think we should desperately high in fear, because without a doubt, the martians and the communists are right behind." he was mocking anyone who had a
2:38 am
problem with a behavioral research car and propaganda, mocking. >> by the way, it was passed with party-line vote. all of the democratsç votedç r it, all of the republicans voting against it. you cannot tell when they are being facetious. you cannot tell our children when to turn the lights on and off. you do not treat the american public like children. adults do not deserve to be sent to psychiatrists if they disagreed with some liberal liberal during. -- guru. glenn: thank you, congressman. he said that he is being called a socialist because he wants to roll back the obama -- bush tax cuts. that was barack obama.
2:39 am
can we just showed the "newsweek" cover? he was just -- can you remember the "newsweek" cover? we are all socialists now. obviously, all of these things are crazy, so keep mocking. >> angry mobs, protests, and premeditated rallies. wait a minute. was that not the problem when bush was president?
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glenn: you know, america, we have a shortage of honesty in
2:43 am
this country, and that is why i try to be as honest with you as a possibly can be. i do have an agenda. the agenda is the truth as i see it. right or wrong, that is what i try to do. i want you to know that i am not a journalist. i am a conservative. i am much more libertarian. i have voted republican, but republicans have betrayed everything i believe in. now, that is the way it is with me, but, unfortunately, you do not get people in this country to say "the truth as i understand it." there is a lot of propaganda going around our country right now, and it seems to me that they do not want you to speak out. they have gone so far to call the people showing up, both çdemocrats and republicans,ç y call them angry mobs. take a look at this released by the dnc. >> the extremist republican
2:44 am
base is back. they lost the election. they lost the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they have lost the confidence of the american people. they cost millions of jobs. now, desperate republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs, just like during the election. their goal? destroy president obama and nt will be change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. >> i hope he fails. >> this is straight from the playbook of high-level republican operatives. they have no desire to move the country forward, so they have called out the mob. >> people ignoring. >> call the republican party. tell them you have had enough of the mob. glenn: yes, that is amazing on so many levels. let me tell you something.
2:45 am
we must stop the partisan bickering. we must stop looking at everything as republican or democrat, and there is a big difference between the peaceful participation, even though it may be angry, but the participation in our own system, individuals standing up, challenging their representatives, versus the video i was about to see show you. -- i am about to show you -- which is engaging in political discourse, angry as it may be? take a look at what happened when some leaders of the minutemen project were invited to speak at columbia university, and ultraleft institution. -- ançç ultraleft institution. this, by the way, this, by the way, the same institution that had mahmoud ahmadinejad speaker, and they treated him with respect, but if you have a
2:46 am
conservative there, this is what happens. now, another conservative man, tom tancredo, was speaking at the unc chapel hill campus. watch what happens. -- happened. notice here they say, "i thought this was a free speech crowd." and they say, "and not hate speech." good thing we have new hate speech legislation, is it not? the next, acorn illegally breaking into a home last january in baltimore. >> they break into a foreclosed home in an act that they call is a civil disobedience. >> this afternoon, they literally broke the padlock right off of the front door and then broke into the house. we're actually trespassing.
2:47 am
so this is a way of civil disobedience. glenn: ok, so you tell me which one looked like a mob? but when we come back, i will show you the dnc definition of an angry mob.
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glenn: ok, we saw the angry mobs, where they were overturning podiums and screening people, screening hate speech. now, i was sure u.d. dnc definition of an angry mob. -- i will show you the dnc definition of an angry mob. >> what it has turned into. [applause] i am scared.
2:51 am
>> what i see is a bureaucratic nightmare, senator. medicare is broke. çmedicaid is broke. çsocial security is broke. and you want us to believe that a government that cannot even run a cash for clunkers program is going to run one seventh of our economy. no, sir. >> i recognize a liar when i see one. you said it was the bush administration. listen, i am a registered democrat. >> harry reid and the rest of the people in the congress and the senate, are they going to be willing to be on the same plan you are asking us to be on? glenn: america, democrats and republicans, ask yourself, are these unreasonable questions to
2:52 am
ask? well, let's see how they are responding now. here is nancy pelosi and barbara boxer. >> i saw some of these clips of the people storming these panels. the last time i saw well-dressed people do this is when al gore asked me to go down to florida when they were counting the votes, and i was confronted with the same type of people. >> you be the judge, carrying swastikas. a town meeting on health care. glenn: ok, i have never seen well-dressed people do these things unless it was at al gore. so are they stealing the battle? is that what we are now doing? and, nancy pelosi, and you cannot produce any minutes of a meeting where you were briefed by the cia, but can you produce a photograph, any evidence at allç of a naziç swastika being brought into one of these meetings? because i would stand with you
2:53 am
against that. can you provide that evidence? i am sure there is going to be an uptick in sales by just as typical, crazy conservatives. right. back in a second.
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glenn: hello, america. you know, i was thinking. i was thinking this weekend that it is about time we make some choices. i think tough times are coming,
2:57 am
and remember we talked to been sure would. i do not remember the name of his book. we talked to ben sherwood. and it was about survivors. before the airplane goes down, they are the ones that say, terrific how would i get out if the airplane catches fire?" -- they are the ones that say, "how would i get out if the airplane catches fire, ?" i wrote down these notes, and i was thinking. the time a sitting on defense, it is over. it is over. you have to make a choice, and you have to make a choice now. our choices are, and most of us are on the fence where we are leading this direction. socialism, acorn, what difference does it make? partisan politics. we all play it. we have to make the choice. easy money. everybody has to do it.
2:58 am
easy money. no responsibility. i do not want to be responsible for that. no blame. not my kid. and level playing field. that leads to socialism, my friend, and slavery. here is the other side. the other side of the fence, consequences. this does not sound like fun. consequences, hard work, effort, the honesty,ç çasking the touh questions, the questions you do not want to ask, even if the answer is something horrid, and you do not want the answer. if it is the answer, live with it. honesty, with ourselves. fetal position. i wrote this down because at one time in my life, i was in the fetal position. 15 years ago, 16 years ago, i was about to give up, and i was in the fetal position, and i decided, no. no. i am going to fight on. i am going to change my life.
2:59 am
the fetal position leads to great rewards, and if i had not gone through that, i would not be year. i know a lot of people would have liked that, but i would not be here. and ask yourself which side of the fence you are on. get off of defense and either be firmly here, or be firmly here. -- get off of the offense. with you choose to pay attention? -- it is off of the fence. with you accept the truth, regardless of how hard it is to accept? what about the advisers that the president has surrounded himself with and the policies that are about to overtake and transform our public? it is up to you. it is up to you to engage peacefully yet forcibly and make your voice heard. i am willing to do my part and bring you the stories that no one else is either not willing to tell you or are afraid to bring up, but what are you willing to do? are you willing to


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